Public Relations  

Autour L.A. is here to help you plan your next product launch, red-carpet event, and more. We provide unique event ideas and help you gain more publicity during and after your events. 

Social Media Marketing

We help you grow and gain more engagement by providing industry insights to right content creation and social media target marketing. 

• Form your online community to engage and authentically inspire ideas that influence decision making.

• Create a brand buzz to increase awareness and customer base.

• Content marketing tactics such as contests and promotions to drive traffic and response rates.

Copywriting & Content Creation

• Organizing shooting schedules - depending on the type of product

• Quality website/blog content

• Social Media Captions


• Web design, blogging, original photography, curation, graphic design and compelling content will come together to tell your story

• Newsletters and direct to consumer communication initiation and strategies

• Optimize your messaging and traffic based on the valuable content you provide to the online community

Event Management

•Specialized in creating extraordinary events, and seeing them through to spectacular conclusion.

• Manage the planning process, developing the overall event visio

• Creativity/Integration across all facets – design, music, food, photography, etc…